Many years of work to promote animal welfare

We have worked with Swiss Animal Protection to develop our own animal husbandry programmes for cows, pigs, calves and chickens. We sell meat and eggs under our own-label Naturafarm brand from animals that are free range or have access to range, and our own-label Naturaplan brand is organic.

Always thinking about animal welfare

We have been awarded top marks for our animal protection standards by Swiss Animal Protection (SAP). As an independent body, the SAP has thus confirmed on multiple occasions our longstanding commitment to humane animal husbandry. For over 25 years we have been selling meat and eggs from free range or access to range conditions under our Naturaplan (organic) and Naturafarm labels.

Working to promote animal welfare will also stay at the top of our agenda in the future. We have enshrined animal welfare in our multi-year sustainability targets for 2014-2021 as one of the strategically important sustainability issues.

Switzerland has some of the world's strictest animal welfare legislation. Because of this, we source the majority of our veal, beef and chicken from Switzerland. All our fresh pork and rabbit meat originates from Switzerland, as does all our liquid milk. Similarly, the majority of our eggs, milk products and cheese come from Switzerland. Since we cannot source all our needs domestically, we are working with SAP to ensure that foreign producers keep their animals in conditions comparable to those in Switzerland.

More information on our commitment

In this section you will find more information on our basic requirements regarding animal husbandry, our animal protection projects and our sustainable own-label brands.