Animal welfare

We have been selling organically produced meat, milk and eggs under our Naturaplan label for more than 30 years. We also stock Switzerland's largest range of organic seafood: Together with WWF we are 100 % committed to sustainable fish and seafood.

Committed to animal welfare

We have received several awards from Swiss Animal Protection (SAP) for our work to promote animal protection. We have worked with SAP to develop our own animal husbandry programmes. Under our Naturaplan and Naturafarm labels, we sell meat and eggs from organic agriculture and access-to-range and free-range husbandry. We also source the majority of our meat, milk and eggs from within Switzerland. We are involved via Bell, our meat processing operation, in a variety of different projects to improve animal welfare.

Sustainable fish

More and more fish and seafood is being consumed around the world. However, rising demand is leading to overfishing. We are pursuing the goal of switching our full product range of marine fish, crustaceans, mussels, and freshwater fish, whether farmed or caught in the wild, to aquacultures and fisheries which use sustainable, environmentally appropriate and stock-preserving production methods. Together with WWF we are 100 % committed to sustainable fish and seafood – for products at the open-sale counter, in the frozen section or in the restaurant.