Nutrition and health promotion

«Make the healthy choice the easy choice» – the WHO has inspired us to set this as our objective. We are supporting our customers in making healthy choices and achieving a good life balance by communicating knowledge and by clear, transparent declarations.


Achieving a balanced diet is not simply a case of knowing what foods are healthy, but also of being able to choose from a diverse and varied range of foods. That is why we stock numerous fresh, organic, vegetarian, vegan, low-calorie, lactose-free and gluten-free products, thus offering as much choice as possible. We work with partners to offer information and training on balanced nutrition and label our products clearly and transparently.

Health promotion

Alongside a balanced diet, it is essential to get enough exercise. For this reason we have sponsorship commitments at various levels which promote a more conscious lifestyle and more physical activity in daily life. We sponsor the Coop Gemeindeduell, Switzerland's largest national programme to promote physical activity. It encourages over 230,000 people to enjoy being active each year. We also support two school projects, fit4future and Gorilla, which help inspire around 225,000 young people each year to get involved in nutrition and exercise projects.