Regional products

Our Miini Region quality label promotes regional added value in Switzerland through the targeted support of farmers, smaller producers and suppliers. The origin of the raw materials and the fastest possible transport routes to the sales outlets are key considerations.

Our Miini Region quality label

Miini Region from Coop offers more than 3 200 selected regional products from farmers and producers in your area. The Miini Region quality label is attached to products that are produced regionally, thus securing jobs in all areas of Switzerland, and offer environmental added value due to short transport routes. The range comprises all daily food staples such as cheese, sausage, fruit and vegetables, as well as cut flowers, seedlings, herbs and plants. These are identified on the shelves with the clover symbol.

Inspection and certification

All products from our Miini Region range are subject to stringent requirements and undergo a strict inspection and certification process.

  • Producers, manufacturers and suppliers of Miini Region products guarantee the separate collection and processing of regional raw materials as well as regional production in accordance with our «Guideline for the Coop Miini Region quality label».
  • All regional agricultural ingredients and every product must be traceable to its place of origin.
  • Producers of conventional and organic regional products must appoint q.inspecta for both the product certification and the two-year company certification.

Partnership with the Swiss Association for Regional Products

The Swiss Association for Regional Products owns the national guidelines for regional brands and the regio.garantie brand, and represents the interests of regional producers with regard to the cantons, federal government, trade partners and other organizations. Since 2024, we have acknowledged the guidelines for regional brands and the corresponding brand regio.garantie for our Miini Region quality label. These guidelines provide a standardized basis for the independent inspection and certification of regional products across Switzerland.

Regional producers and their products

Through our Miini Region label, we promote regional and sustainable products and support strong regions. We would like to introduce you to three regional producers. More information on other Miini Region suppliers and their exciting background stories can be found on our Miini Region website.