Projects with FiBL: Developing organic agriculture together

We work closely with the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL), one of the leading global research institutions for organic agriculture. Our Sustainability Fund has supported numerous innovative approaches.

Alternatives to copper in organic agriculture

© Heiner H. Schmitt

Partner: FiBL
Content: Development of selective, highly effective and economically viable alternatives to copper using components from plants and microorganisms.
Commitment since: 2011

FiBL precision farming

© Pino Covino

Partner: FiBL
Content: Sugar beet and potatoes are being grown using precision farming methods in order to test potential solutions that were previously too labour intensive due to the lack of technology.
Commitment since: 2017

Organically tackling citrus greening

© Christof Sonderegger

Partner: FiBL
Content: Developing, testing and publicising effective organic methods of curbing citrus greening disease on organic citrus plantations in Mexico.
Commitment since: 2014

Support for organic cotton production in India

© FiBL

Partners: FiBL, BioRe Foundation
Content: Further development of organic farming methods and pest control as well as development of high-quality organic seed in the Coop Naturaline cotton production area.
Commitment since: 2015

Organic calf rearing with mothers or foster mothers

© Thomas Alföldi

Partner: FiBL
Content: Providing support to organic farms that wish to begin rearing their calves with their mothers or foster mothers.
Commitment since: 2009

Use of beneficial insects in cabbage growing

© Henryk Luka

Partner: FiBL
Content: Research on the use of beneficial insects as an alternative to plant protection agents in cabbage growing. Reducing the long-term use of organic insecticides in organic farming by encouraging beneficial insects.
Commitment since: 2015

Organic soy from Switzerland

© Raja Läubli

Partner: FiBL
Content: Promotion of organic soy production and processing in Switzerland by means of breeding, variety testing, seed propagation etc. through to product development.
Commitment since: 2016