Policy Papers – We take a clear stance

We take a clear stance on current sustainability issues that are relevant to society, and explain this in our Policy Papers in concise and transparent terms.

The Policy Papers are based on our sustainability vision for people, animals and nature, which is designed to promote sustainability at Coop. They are aimed at all external and internal stakeholders, such as our suppliers, customers and staff.

Circular economy

«Circular economy» is a concept which involves minimizing the consumption of resources and closing material and product cycles, so that raw materials are continually reused. As a retailer and wholesaler, we are aware of our responsibility and have recognized the potential of the circular economy. In 2011, we began systematically reducing packaging and improving its environmental footprint. The use of recycled materials and making packaging recyclable are steps towards our goal of becoming a zero-waste company.

Packaging and plastic

More than half of the plastic ever produced has been produced since 2000, and Switzerland produces three times more plastic waste, on average, than other European countries.  We have been committed to reducing plastic since 2012 and are implementing alternatives. Between 2012 and 2020, we reduced or optimized around 30,000 tonnes of packaging material in our supermarket channel. Our goal is to reduce the plastic used in packaging and selected disposable items by around 20% by 2026.

Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility means that companies are responsible for the effects of their activities on society and the environment. Comprehensive corporate sustainability management aims to master this challenge and meet the related requirements. This ensures sustainable corporate and business development, and the company makes a positive contribution to the sustainable development goals. The determination to exercise this responsibility is enshrined in our Articles of Association, and we practise this with our multi-year sustainability objectives, which are set for the entire Coop Group.