Coop Aid for Mountain Regions

Mountain areas are an important part of our landscape. This stunning environment represents our home and our identity and needs to be preserved. Moreover, making a living in remote, steep areas is demanding and arduous.

Supporting families in the Swiss mountain areas

The Coop Aid for Mountain Regions is an independent non-profit organization, whose main aim is to provide long-term support for mountain farming families and their livelihoods. Among other aims, it finances the renovation of residential buildings, promotes local small rural enterprises and invests in their necessary infrastructure. In this way, it counteracts the migration of mountain populations and at the same time ensures the maintenance and preservation of the beautiful mountain landscape.

Helping people to help themselves

There is no tried and tested solution for the protection of areas under threat. Around 200 self-help projects are supported by Coop each year through close cooperation with the local population combined with human ingenuity. Women working in mountain regions play a particularly important role in the success of these projects.

100 per cent of donations benefit the cause

We bear all of the Coop Aid for Mountain Regions' administration and personnel costs, so that every franc donated goes directly to benefit Swiss mountain farming families. The Coop Aid for Mountain Regions is a member of the Schweizerische Zertifizierungsstelle für gemeinnützige, Spenden sammelnde Organisationen (Swiss certification body governing charitable fund-raising organizations – ZEWO), and coordinates its activities with those of other Swiss aid organizations.