Minimizing the consumption of natural resources

We are committed to limiting our environmental footprint as much as possible at all stages of our supply chains – from raw material extraction to processing, trading, consumption, reuse and disposal.

Natural resources such as water, soils and biodiversity are not unlimited: extracting raw materials and producing goods always has an impact on natural resources, both direct and indirect.
An economy embedded in natural material cycles with minimum resource consumption, whose development is not at the expense of other regions or future generations, contributes to resource conservation. We are therefore committed to counteracting and minimizing our consumption of natural resources at all stages of our supply chains.


As well as promoting organic agriculture and supply chains free of deforestation and conversion, we support projects that help to preserve biodiversity with the Coop Sustainability Fund.


We identify products with water-critical origins and promote the implementation of water standards in crop cultivation. We have strict guidelines for the cultivation of crops for our own-label brand products. We also address water usage with projects on the ground in the countries where our crops are grown.


We promote organic farming, work to phase out peat, and promote supply chains free of deforestation and conversion. We are committed to implementing water and soil standards in crop cultivation to protect soil fertility. We take targeted measures with regard to products with high-risk origins.