Coop Sustainability Fund

Together with various partners the Coop Sustainability Fund supports various research, development and awareness-raising projects in Switzerland and abroad. In supporting the search for innovative solutions we are making consumption more sustainable and are giving something back to society.

A selection of Coop Sustainability Fund projects

Since it began in 2003, the fund has supported a wide range of research and awareness-raising projects. We are thus investing in research, in the development of new, environmentally friendly production methods, in the creation of sustainable value chains and in exhibitions and events to raise public awareness.

Each year the Coop Sustainability Fund invests at least CHF 18,6 million to achieve these objectives. Many of the projects are long-term commitments. Here you will find a selection of these projects, some of which are finished, some ongoing.

The Coop Sustainability Fund focusses on these four areas:

History and objectives

Long-term investment in the future

In 2003 we set up a fund to invest in a sustainable future. Since then the fund has developed constantly in order to initiate innovative solutions and promote pioneering activities in relevant social and environmental areas.

The current Coop Sustainability Fund was created in 2007 on the basis of the Coop Naturaplan Fund. The original fund was created in 2003 to mark the 10th anniversary of our own-label organic range. The original objective was to expand our range of organic products and other own-label sustainability brands. When the fund was transformed into the Coop Sustainability Fund in 2007, we extended this objective to include projects to reduce CO2 emissions generated by air freight, business travel and our coop@home delivery service. We also changed the strategic direction of the fund to focus more comprehensively on innovation and sustainable consumption throughout Coop's core business areas.

The enduring objectives of the fund

From the very start the Coop Sustainability Fund has pursued these objectives:

  • Development of innovative solutions that bring the goal of sustainability closer
  • Research focussing on the further development of organic farming
  • Development and procurement of sustainable products
  • Raising of public awareness regarding the need for sustainable consumption
  • Marketing and sales promotion of environmentally and socially responsible brands and strengthening of their added value
  • Fulfilment of stakeholder expectations in terms of social commitment
  • Fulfilment of responsibilities as a good employer and trainer

Who we support

Every year the Coop Sustainability Fund supports around 100 projects, the majority of which require a commitment lasting several years. In addition to financial commitment, the Fund also offers communication tools, personnel and partner networks.

Before a project is funded, it is thoroughly assessed by internal and external experts. The following are key prerequisites:

  • Urgency of the problems and opportunities for specific action
  • Proximity to Coop's core business and the needs of our customers
  • Contribution to at least one of our multi-year sustainability targets for 2014–2021
  • Exploration of solutions that are not yet market ready or profitable but could potentially be duplicated