Comprehensive sustainability communication

We report comprehensively on our commitment to sustainability and provide detailed facts and figures on our business, social and environmental activities.

Transparent reporting

For us, a permanent dialogue and detailed reports on our commitment to sustainability are essential. Since 2004 we have therefore published a regular sustainability report, and we dedicate at least one double page to this important topic every week in the Coop member press.

Detailed reporting

Sustainability Progress Report

Sometimes, our stakeholders, partners and sustainability experts have specific information needs that cannot be met in the Annual Report in terms of scope and level of detail. We are now compiling this specific information in our «Sustainability Progress Report», which is published at the end of May.

Coop Group Reporting on non-financial matters


Annual Report of the Coop Group

Sustainability is part of everyday life throughout the Coop Group and is integral to our business activities. In 2016 we therefore decided to report on developments at the Coop Group throughout the year in an integrated report. This includes the key facts and figures about our commitment to sustainability.

Some units of the Coop Group also report in detail about their commitment to sustainability; HALBA and Transgourmet France, for instance, publish their own sustainability report.

Corporate communication

As a publication, the Coop member press has the largest circulation in Switzerland.

Coop member press

As a publication, the Coop member press has the largest circulation in Switzerland. In the «Actions, not words» section of the member press, we offer plenty of background information about people, animals and nature every week and share with readers practical tips on easy ways to live more sustainably day-to-day.

«Actions, not words» brochure

Over 400 actions testify to our work for sustainability. To help you gain an impression of this diversity we have summarized the key points of our commitment in a fold-out brochure.

«Actions, not words» online

Our website features much more than our many actions: We report comprehensively about our work and provide detailed information on relevant sustainability topics.