Sustainability as guidance for our actions

Actions, not words – that’s sustainability at Coop. Our commitment to people, animals and nature is summed up by these words and more than 400 actions. We've been blazing a trail with our wide-ranging approach to sustainability for over 30 years and encourage sustainable consumption.

Sustainability in action

Sustainability is firmly rooted in our company and is practised by all our employees. As a cooperative, sustainability is integral to all our business activities and a key element in our articles of association, mission statements and processes. Our efforts to promote sustainability also make an important contribution to the long-term success of our company and to improving general well-being. That is a priority for us as a cooperative.

Sustainability aspects are also incorporated in the goal-setting process, employee training, operating procedures and, with the various corporate strategies, in the balanced scorecard. With our 2014 to 2020 multi-year sustainability targets, including 2021 transitional targets, we are embedding concrete sustainability targets throughout the Coop Group.

Focusing efforts

We concentrate on areas in which we can achieve significant leverage. We use tools such as range screening, eco-audits or risk monitors to determine the focuses of our sustainability-related actions. Societal expectations and political demands are also major factors when choosing priorities. We take the stance that voluntary agreements at company or sector level are preferable to detailed regulations. This aspect is incorporated in all of Coop's corporate strategies through the sustainability strategy concept.