Clear principles for reliable partnerships

We treat our suppliers as business partners, with transparency and fairness. We ensure that antitrust law is observed. We also prioritize fighting corruption and do not permit our buyers to accept gifts or cash payments.

We have been systematically applying these business principles since 2004

Before any contract is signed, Coop's business partners are informed of the terms and conditions for supplying our company, the marketing required, the manner in which new products are launched and the product communication strategy. Range decisions are made on the basis of objective and stated criteria.

Equal treatment
We treat our suppliers equitably, granting them the same prices and conditions for the same performance. All business partners are subject to a standard framework agreement. All offers of new products are given the same unprejudiced consideration based on a standardized procedure.

Rewarding social and environmental added value
We give preference to products manufactured in an especially environmentally-friendly and socially responsible manner.

Swiss quality
For comparable products and services, we give preference to Swiss-based producers.

We openly inform our business partners about new developments. In return, we expect open communication about any delivery bottlenecks, innovations or problems with quality.

The sums our partners are asked to pay for sales promotion measures are based on clearly defined communication and advertising services or on special sales promotion activities by us.

We help Swiss farming at times of excess supply through special campaigns to dispose of surplus crops.

We are committed to efficient, fair competition. Our employees undertake not to accept any gifts, commissions and loans or cash payments from business partners or to offer them the same. Coop does not aid or abet tax offences.