Raw materials

Depending on the type of production, agricultural raw materials can have a negative impact on the environment and on social factors such as working conditions. Therefore, we use natural resources sparingly and treat our farmers, workers and producers fairly.

Sustainable sourcing of agricultural raw materials

Growing agricultural raw materials requires a lot of land and has a big impact on people, animals and nature. Therefore, we select our suppliers along the value chain with care, make sparing use of natural resources and forge fair relationships with farmers, workers and producers.

Depending on the type of production, agricultural raw materials such as palm oil, soya, coffee and also peat and food staples such as rice, fruit and vegetables can have a negative environmental and social impact. To minimize the negative impact on people and the environment, we work with partners to establish and implement solid sustainability standards and industry solutions.

Close partnerships and open dialogue

As well as sustainable manufacture, security of supply is of paramount concern to us. That’s why we establish long-term relationships with local producers and suppliers. As well as providing financial support, we are also committed to reducing CO2, the provision of training, the availability of medical supplies and infrastructure renewal.