Our Oecoplan range is sustainable – and recommended by the WWF. Almost 30 years ago, we launched Oecoplan, our first own-label sustainability brand. The products are particularly environmentally friendly and socially responsible and satisfy the rigorous Bio Suisse, FSC® or Topten guidelines.

Eco-friendly alternative

We now stock over 2 500 Oecoplan items for the home, garden and building as well as in our electrical appliances and lighting range. The products satisfy the toughest environmental requirements and, wherever possible, are manufactured according to the stringent Bio Suisse, Blue Angel or Topten guidelines. Wood, paper and hygiene products come from sustainable FSC® forestry or are made from recycled fibres. Own-label plants have been awarded the Bio Suisse bud and electrical appliances, bulbs and lighting bear the Topten seal of approval for energy efficiency.

If there are no environmental standards for a product category as yet, we work with our partners to develop pioneering, reliable, verifiable criteria for them. The Oecoplan own-label brand makes an important contribution to sustainable consumption, because it offers an eco-friendly alternative to conventional products in the non-food segment.

Our Oecoplan product categories

  • Paper products, because they are made from recycled paper or FSC®-certified. 100 % recycled Oecoplan paper completely fulfils the stringent Blue Angel guidelines for environmental, climate and resource protection.
  • Detergents and cleaning products, because they are readily biodegradable. They satisfy the relevant environmental criteria of the EU Ecolabel for better protection of waterways.
  • Plastic products, because they are made from recycled materials and therefore produced using minimal resources. They comprehensively fulfil the stringent Blue Angel guidelines for environmental, climate and resource protection.
  • Wood products, because they are FSC®-certified. They come from forests managed in a socially responsible way, to exemplary eco-standards.
  • Paints, varnishes and stains, because they contain minimal contaminants and fulfil or exceed the stringent Blue Angel guidelines.
  • Flowers, plants and gardening products, because they bear the Bio Suisse bud and are suitable for organic gardening use. Furthermore, the composts are climate-friendly because they are peat-free.
  • Electrical appliances, lighting and fittings, due to their energy efficiency. They satisfy the Topten criteria for better climate protection.
  • Textile products, because they are made from organic cotton or recycled fibres. Cotton products satisfy the stringent guidelines of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) for the environment and social responsibility.